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Akc Registered Poodle Purebred Pup


Toy Poodle Puppy near Philadelphia, PA

Customer: T. L.
Paws Pattern

Asha's Details

Age 5 months, 18 days old
Birth Date 2/2/2024
Gender Female
Puppy Weight 2lb 13oz (measured at 8 wks)
Est Adult Weight 7-10 lbs
Mom Poodle
10.5 lbs
Dad Poodle
6.2 lbs
Poodle Breed Info

Poodle Breed Info

The Poodle, often adorned with a distinctive and elegant haircut, is more than just a pretty face. This breed is renowned for their intelligence, agility, and affectionate nature. Whether you're gazing into the eyes of a Poodle puppy or admiring the poise of an adult Poodle, it's evident that this breed has a unique charm that's hard to resist. 

Originating from Germany but popularized in France, Poodles have graced the homes of many, from royalty to everyday people. Their versatility makes them suitable for various activities, from dog shows to duck hunting. Poodles come in different sizes, but regardless of their stature, they all share a keen intellect and a playful spirit. 

Poodles are purebred wonders, boasting a combination of beauty and brains. Their curly, hypoallergenic coat is a standout quality, making them a favorite among people with allergies. When you think of a Poodle, think of a loyal companion, always ready to entertain and love their family.