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Potty Training

January 27, 2013, 12:03 PM
Q: I am trying to outdoor train my puppy. If she pees indoor on the carpet, do I still take her immediately outdoors even though she has already pee'd ? Been doing this but she jumps around and thinks it's play time. Also , the puppies playing always seems to consist of aggressive behavior. She aggressively pulls ,yanks, and bites on anything I use play with her. Is this normal, or should i be using some kind of training technique to discourage that behavior Thanks!
A: The key to success is in anticipating her upcoming need. That gets easier each week that goes by because her ability to postpone elimination improves, right now it is not developed at all. You should still take her to the chosen elimination area and sooner or later she will follow the accidental urination by pooping outdoors--pour on the praise. Your reprimand is not stern enough, be sure to use a threatening voice and an aggravated facial expression. It needs to frighten her some, and make her wonder just for a little while if you still like her. The aggressive play behavior is normal but it is important to remember that you need to set the boundaries for what you will accept and the time is now, it will become more difficult if you do not exert your authority while she is young. She will still seek your attention and affection even if you correct her.