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Cries in Our Sleep

November 20, 2017, 7:07 AM
Q: I'm sure you've answered this many times, but we had a crying puppy in her cage on and off all night. What can we do? Is it like a human baby, who will eventually sleep through the night? She's only 9 weeks old.
A: There is only one way to handle that problem, walk away and do not go back unless she has been quiet at least 30 minutes. It usually helps if you use a cover for the cage and have it in an area separate from you and most family activities. Here is some additional info that may help: The first thing to understand is that your puppy has probably never been alone before so his anxiety about that is expressed as barking. Usually that will improve noticeably in less than a week if you approach it correctly. Any time you go back to his area while he is barking you are encouraging that behavior. You have to ignore the barking and not go back until he has been quiet for at least 30 minutes or after he wakes up. Other steps you can take that may help is using a covered cage (it will still take several days to adapt), having the cage in an area where he does not see or hear you and using interactive chew toys such as Starmark Everlasting Treat, Kong Quest or Traxx, Nylabone Romp n Chomp or processed bones or antlers (Blue Buffalo). Having music or a ticking clock can also help. The most reliable solution is a second puppy but if that is not feasible try these other suggestions.