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She goes Potty In and Out

February 20, 2014, 9:55 AM
Q: Doctor Pup: Hi Alan let me review your form and I will be right back Alan: Our puppy goes outside to potty but she will come back in and go again on the floor sometimes, what can we do? Doctor Pup: Part of this is age related due to lack of adequate control over elimination, but the good news is that will improve steadily over the next few weeks. The other part of this situation is usually lack of sufficient reprimand when there is a problem. What do you do when she messes up? Alan: yes, i agree. We don't get on her too much because she's a puppy. I will say "no" in a little bit louder voice. I usually tell her no and rush her outside and then praise her if she does more or again. And maybe Im feeding her too much...giving her puppy food, hard now, 3 x per day and water at all times. Doctor Pup: You are okay on the feeding routine. The identification of what the problem is and the reprimand have to be rememberable for the puppy. "no" and a trip outside to get praise is not much of a reason for her to change. If she finishes outside then praise is a great idea but when she doesn't there needs to be some price paid. 15minute time out in an unfamiliar area, a period of shunning where you act like she doesn't exist or coupling with an unpleasant act like pretending to trim her nails or running the vacuum are a couple of examples. There needs to be some sacrifice on her part when it is not right or else you send the message that outside gets me praise and inside doesn't really matter> Doctor Pup: At this point it is a little too early for her to be able to comply all the time but it is not too early for her to hear the message. Alan: ok.. i will be more consistent and make it rememberable as I can to send a consistent and understandable message. thank you. that helped. im too much of a softy. have a great nite. Doctor Pup: Glad to help anytime