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Training Tips

Getting Puppy Used to Palace

February 10, 2014, 12:43 PM
Q: Hi. I recently purchased a 10 week old maltipoo and we're trying to crate train her (indoor training) using the pup-pee-poo palace. She also cries constantly throughout the night and whenever we put her back in. How often and how long does she need to be in the crate? Do we only take her out of her crate when we're playing with her or do we leave her out all day when we're home? Thanks!
A: In the beginning she should be in her palace whenever you are not actively engaged with her. There is not a set amount of time since every family's schedule is different. One way to look at it is she needs to learn that the crate is a comfortable place to spend time and also a good sleeping place. She is not crying because she is in the crate, she is crying because she is away from your family. She will learn that it's okay and life can be good, just like a child learns that starting school is not the end of the world. The transition from the crate to free run of the house can not usually be made all at one time, using a play pen attached to the crate with a second tray and pad, or having the crate open in a small room like a bath or laundry room is a good interim step. Also, if pad training is your goal she needs to stay in the crate after she wakes up until she eliminates, carrying the pad and tray with you to other parts of the house is also helpful.