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Potty Training Two Puppies

November 2, 2013, 8:08 PM
Q: Any suggestions on potty training 2 puppies at one time?
A: Most things go easier with two puppies as they provide comfort and support for each other and do not have to deal with loneliness when you are not available. Potty training two puppies is not twice as much trouble as one puppy but it can seem close since the number of accidents doubles. Try to pick the puppy that seems to catch on the quickest and focus on their good deeds so the other puppy tries to copy to win your praise. I feel that one of the most influential tactics is to pick up your puppy and carry them to the designated elimination area, this may seem challenging but it is worth the effort. Setting the standard is extremely important because if one puppy is off the mark the other will also copy. I know you have had your puppies for about 5 weeks so it is possible you are getting frustrated. If you can provide me with examples of what is giving you trouble maybe I can help more.