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Cries at night

October 1, 2013, 4:25 PM
Q: I just got my 8 week old 3/4 French Bulldog & 1/4 Pug and she cries and barks all night and a majority of the morning when she is alone or enclosed in the crate. She sleeps in a crate (pup palace) in our room at night and during the day she has the crate and a larger enclosed area to play. We also noticed she likes the TV on loud and this seems to calm her somewhat. Would love recommendations on how to minimize this, heard about heartbeat pillows however those sound gimmicky. Thanks!
A: I assume you got the palace with a cover, if not you might want to add the cover. If she cries in spite of the cover after 3-4 days here are some suggestions. Move the crate to a different room, she knows you are near. Also you should not go back to the cage unless she has been quiet for at least 30 minutes and preferably not until she wakes up or you are training her to keep crying or barking. Items like the warming toy or heartbeat pillow can help but you will probably new to do these other things.