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My Puppy Is Not Eating

June 23, 2013, 10:20 AM
Q: Brought a Teddy bear puppy two nights back. Nine weeks old, weighs 2.5 lbs. She ate yoghurt easily upon arrival. Has eaten a few bits of rotisserie chicken too. Now she is refusing both those items, and has not touched her kibble. Tried soaking kibble with Gerber and yoghurt, still refusing. Drinking water well. Very active, playful. Had two poops, and pees every 3-4 hours. Have been giving her Karo syrup once a while to prevent hypoglycemia. Can you advise on how to get her to eat. What treat can I give her. Thanks.
A: Since your puppy feels well and is playing you can allow her to decide when she is hungry. I would let her go 3 hours or so without forcing food and just make a selection of food types (baby food, chicken, kibble) and you might try scrambled egg or a different type of canned food. I find a lot of puppies like Iams canned puppy food. Sometimes a light sprinkle of garlic powder enhances appeal. There is also a frozen food called Bil-Jac that is also enticing. You can also reduce the amount and frequency of Karo, go with 1cc Karo and 1cc water each 3 hours if she feels good. Please keep me innformed through INSTAVET or the forum or chat.