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July 8, 2017, 1:29 PM
Q: I'm so sorry, I tried replying to the questions you had about my question I asked this morning but it will not send so I'm replying here... Thank you for responding so quickly. She is a cavashon last weight was 4.2 lbs. I feed her every few hours 12 ml of gerber chicken (one jar that's mixed with 3ml of karo) then as much royal canin kibble as she will take from my hand, which is probably 1/8 or less of a cup. As well as 6ml of activa vanilla yogurt when administering the meds we came home with. Early this morning before feeding I heard her belly growling. Another thing... last night she had her first bath using Ellen Degeneres's Lavender Dog shampoo and detangler spray. After bathing I gave her a Bil Jac treat-- her first time for something other than kibble and gerber chicken. She also has had her white medicine and blackish vitamin syringes twice a day as told by Premier Pets paperwork. This morning was the first time I haven't administered it because I was afraid her stomach wasn't full enough. Sorry, also forgot to add first vet visit is Monday afternoon. General attitude is playful. Chases me when I run, tumbles around with her 6.9lb cavashon brother. Plays heavily for an hour or so then sleeps hard for another hour or so. No desire to eat today with the elimination that ended with yellow jello like mucus is my concern. Other than that he's a happy energetic pup!
A: The first impression that I have is that we need to simplify the routine. Pick tha food source she eats best and stick to that st least for a couple days. Leave off the medicine for now, the exception would be if she is on an antibiotic then we should continue that. Give me Ann update S to current status please.