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Is reverse sneeze the only problem

July 5, 2018, 9:15 PM
Q: Hi there! I have a 10 month old 13lb Shichon who has been having progressively worse respitory issues. She already has the “reverse sneezes” when she is playing and when she is digging in the couch and what not. But almost once a week she will get so worked up if we come home, or on a walk and sees another dog that she begins to wheeze and struggle to get air for a good 20-30 seconds until she calms down. This has even happened in the middle of the night where she will start wheezing and trying to breathe and then it will subside after 20 seconds. Any ideas?
A: If the wheezing is actually a “reverse sneeze” it is a common problem and is seen with more frequency during the “blooming” months typically April to November for most of the country. There would be concern of some other type of irritation to the nasal passage from infection or even a foreign body especially if it is accompanied by a nasal discharge other than clear, other respiratory signs or if she feels bad. Please let me know and I will advise on the best steps for you.